Measurement Guide

We recommend looking at the garment’s measurements in relation to your body, and also in comparison to a similar style of clothing you own prior to ordering. This is a great way to understand the shape and size of a style.

Once a Metta Melbourne style has been washed, dried and ironed, we lay the garment flat, and with a trusty tape measure, get to work measuring.

We do our best to maintain consistency with each and every collection, garments are made and measured by hand, so measurements are a guide and approximation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All measurements need to be doubled for circumference, and are in CM’s. 
  • We're careful not to pull the fabric at all while measuring, this includes  pleats and gathering. 
  • Does your linen item look smaller than expected? Some of our linen pieces will arrive washed and crinkled, appearing smaller. The fabric will relax with wear. If you would prefer to make sure it is the right measurement prior to wearing, you can lightly iron the garment.  
  • Our measurement points are consistent across our shirts, dresses, pants and skirts etc... See our handy illustrations below.  
  • Shoulder is measured from the shoulder-seam to shoulder-seam.
  • Centre-front is taken from the top of the front collar to the bottom of the hem. Turn garment over, measure from the top centre back of the collar to the bottom of the hem. 



A long-sleeve top with measurement points for a guide.



Drawing of skirt with arrows showing where to measure from. Measurement points also outlined under image.


A pair of pants showing measurement points.



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