The Metta Melbourne Story


Metta Melbourne is based in Melbourne, Australia and is all about trans-seasonal, easy to wear clothing made from natural fibre fabrics. It's about pieces you want to touch, and pieces you want to wear everyday.

After years in the clothing and textile industry, we wanted to create a beautiful, comfortable, and easy to wear range. The majority of the collection can be worn day and night, summer and winter. This creates a smaller wardrobe that works twice as hard, and is perfect for travel. 

Metta is all about slow fashion that will stay with you year after year; the cuts are classic and they're made to last. It's made up of wardrobe staples that can be layered and combined in a multitude of ways. The resulting look can be whimsical to androgynous, but always effortlessly stylish.




Behind the Clothing

Our soft linen comes all the way from Lithuania, where the fiber is grown, woven into fabric, sewn into clothing, and dyed. 

We make sure that every Metta piece is pre shrunk - for easy wearing and easy care. Our design process begins right here in Melbourne where we work with our trusted freelance team to develop our patterns from concept to final sample. 
Our linen garments are all made in an end to end manufacturer in Lithuania who have adhere to strict working conditions 
& fair wages. There linen is OEKO-TEX certified. 
Approximately a quarter of our range is made right here in Melbourne with a small family run manufacturer and we use mostly textiles woven in Japan or Australia. Our silk and cotton pieces are manufactured in India where they specialise in weaving and lace knitting.
Our garments are then dyed locally in Melbourne in one of the last remaining dye houses. 
Every single one of our manufacturers have a open door policy, we know them all personally and visit their factories on a yearly basis to ensure good relationships.  

Were possible locally in our studio work to use our off cuts to make other smaller items like tea towels, napkins and coasters. All garments are also constructed using cotton thread; this means that if your piece becomes stained you can re-dye it and give it a second life or compost it with nothing left behind, please cut off any garments buttons for re-use if you chose to compost your garment.
We strongly encourage everyone to learn simple darning techniques so you can repair your pieces to give them new life.
If you would like to know more about us please email us at